martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

City of Magic

Photo taken yesterday night near El Prado.
You can see the almost full moon and the church Los Jerónimos

Yesterday we had a beautiful night in Madrid...

I was walking to my roller skating class in El Retiro when I took this picture. I was just wearing knee length shorts and a light pullover and the weather was perfect. Not warm, not cold.

It was about 8 pm and the sun was suddenly gone. I was in the middle of this wonderful city but felt as If I were in a chanted forest. Everything was so still, the romantic yellowish lights in every corner. There was a gentle breeze that ran through the trees, it felt fresh and alive. It made me feel happy for what I am and what I have, and for what I know that’s about to come. I believe in a magic and wonderful future, and that makes my present be magic also.

Please, If you ever have the opportunity don’t doubt to visit this city. Its a city of light and blue sky during the day that becomes magical and full of shades when the night comes. You can meet anyone here. This city will always surprise you. Palaces, beautiful old buildings, botanical gardens and cobbled streets have a million secrets waiting for you to discover them and enchant you a little more every day.

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