viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

And Friday again...

I know that time for bathing is gone but I just love the colors of these pics.

Today is really cloudy in Madrid (what is weird here even during winter) and we all know that autumn is becoming a reality. Leaves in El Retiro are a mixture between yellow and brownish and the air is cooler. The sun leaves us earlier every day and you need electric light at 8 pm, when sunlight lasts until 10 pm during summer.

We start to see the kids with their school uniform again and the camel trench is once again a neighbour in this city.

Welcome autumn!

Maybe cuz its my bday this month, maybe because I love changes.
I do not know really why I like autumn so much. I remember how my mom used to take me shopping to Palma (Mallorca) for my school bag, my school books and school uniform. How everything smelt new and funny. How we started classes each year hoping for new kids in our class or meeting our friends and classmates again. Do not know why it is, probably a mixture of everything, but I just love autunm.

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