miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

Meet designer Cristina Bartl

Fashion designer Cristina Bartl is proof that a little hard work can go a long way. At just 25-years-old, she has managed to work with the most powerful names of the fashion industry—all while moving (several times) across the globe. Her hard work began when she first graduated from college— After graduating with honors from the IED Cristina was chosen among two hundred candidates to work for luxury Spanish brand, Loewe. 

Cristina eventually moved on to other work, and eventually found herself with not one, but three jobs: working in Loewe as a textile designer and graphic artist, designing logos and brand identity for young, fresh companies, and designing prints under petition. After a very busy few years working in all three jobs, she decided to take a leap of faith and started her own studio.

A year after launching her design studio she has accomplished a nice portfolio. You can find her designs in Zara, Asos, Pepe Jeans and Purificación García's shelves among others and enjoys a freedom to travel and explore new inspirations that always wanted.

Her designs, which heavily rely on her fresh use of color and bold patterns, are all over design blogs, in magazines, and taking over social media platforms like Pinterest. Everywhere we turn, Cristina's bright designs (and amazing pillows), are infusing life into rooms all over.

While she is best known as a textile designer, Cristina is also quite the world traveler. Currently residing in Majorca, this Barcelona-native has lived in a wide variety of beautiful and culturally diverse locations across the globe. While abroad, she picked up design inspirations that are clearly seen in her textile work. 

These internationally inspired patterns (including trellis' and chevron from Dubai, and fretworks and florals from Hong Kong), combined with Cristina's love of bright colors, create a versatile and sophisticated design that brings a modern pop-of-color to any look or space.

jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011


Miranda Kerr es una de mis modelos preferidas. Me gusta mucho su cara y lo que transmite. Son esas cosas que no se pueden explicar, quizá fuimos amigas en una vida pasada...

Estaba leyendo en fashionising como de nuevo se ha cambiado la perspectiva de la desnudez en el mundo de la moda. Hemos pasado por muchas fases, la desnudez sexual, la sensual y por último estamos viviendo lo que sepodría llamar la desnudez artística. El cuerpo se muestra desnudo pero no hay atisbo de provocación. Se observan (envidian) los cuerpos de los modelos del mismo modo que podríamos estar mirando al David.

Me gustan estas fotos... mucho.

El fotógrafo es Willy Vanderperre para Industrie Magazine January 2012

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